SYBR® Green master mixes are designed for quantitative real-time PCR using a set of two PCR primers that flank the target region. The master mixes contain buffer, dNTPs, thermostable hot-start DNA polymerase, and of course SYBR® Green dye; everything needed for real-time PCR, except the sample and PCR primer pair.

Which SYBR® Green master mix is right for you?

  Gene Expression
(Standard mode)
Gene Expression
(Fast mode)
Applications Other applications:
DNA quantitation (pathogen detection)
Other applications:
DNA quantitation (pathogen detection)
Top selleryes 
Cycling/Run Time 60 minutes
Standard (60 minutes) or
Fast (30 minutes)
SYBR GreenER™ dye for brighter signal yes
Proprietary hot-start mechanism for exceptional specificity yes
Carryover contamination control Contains a blend of dTTP/dUTP that is compatible with AmpErase® UNG Contains heat-labile UDG
Heat-labile UDG allows product to be stable 72 hrs pre and post qPCR yes
Sensitivity 1 copy
Instrument considerations Not recommended for 7900HT Real-time PCR instruments
Primer considerations Only to be used with primer concentrations <200 nM for StepOne™/StepOnePlus™ Instruments
Price / 20 µL Reaction$0.60-$0.98$0.54-$0.73
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