Taq Man® Real-Time PCR Master Mixes

TaqMan® Master Mixes contain buffer, dNTPs, passive reference dye, thermostable hot-start DNA polymerase, and other components formulated for reliable TaqMan® Assay-based real-time PCR. Just add your sample and TaqMan® Assay, and start your reactions.

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Which TaqMan® Master Mix Is Right for You?

  Good Results for TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays Optimized for Broad qPCR Applications Highest Overall Performance (Specificity, Sensitivity, Reproducibility)
Sensitivity HighHighHighest
Cycling/Run Time1:201:200:40
UDG to Prevent DNA Carryover Contaminationyesyesyes
ROX Reference Dye to Normalize Signal & Ensure Data Integrityyesyesyes
Universal Cycling for Assay to Assay Consistencyyesyesyes
Benchtop Stability24 hr72 hr72 hr
Tolerant to PCR Inhibitors  yes
Price (5 mL fill size) $383 $426 $461
ApplicationsGene expressionGene expression
miRNA & small RNA
Copy number variation
Drug metabolizing enzymes
Gene expression
miRNA & small RNA
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*While TaqMan® Universal Master Mix II can be utilized for all applications, TaqMan® Genotyping Master Mix has been specifically designed and will provide the best performance for Genotyping applications (e.g. CNV, DME, SNP).

Other master mixes

TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix
TaqMan® PreAmp Master Mix is designed to facilitate analysis of limited-quantity samples, including single cells. Use the mix to expand small amounts of cDNA by pre-amplification without introducing amplification bias to the sample. Pre-amplification enables you to stretch your precious sample for use in many more real-time PCR reactions than you could otherwise run. Order now

TaqMan® Genotyping Master Mix  
TaqMan® Genotyping Master Mix is specifically formulated for detection of copy number, DME’s, and SNPs. Use this mix for the best performance for genotyping applications. Order now