Reverse Transcription

Choosing the correct reverse transcriptase for reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis is critical to obtaining high yields of quality, full-length cDNA with full gene representation. A reverse transcriptase with high temperature performance is important when transcribing RNA with secondary structure, or when working with gene-specific primers.

Reverse transcription with reduced RNase H activity reverse transcriptase enzymes produces more full-length cDNA, and greater gene representation.

Designed for reliability and for consistently high yields of fully representative full-length cDNA, SuperScript® III Reverse Transcriptase is one of the most widely used and trusted cDNA synthesis enzymes.

Reverse Transcriptase Enzymes

A wide range of  enzymes optimized for reliable, high quality cDNA synthesis.

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A range of cDNA synthesis kits which include all the components you require for your first-strand cDNA synthesis.

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A wide range of Reverse Transcriptase enzymes optimized for generating cDNA for one and two step RT-PCR assays.

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