RT-PCR 试剂盒

Choosing the correct RT-PCR kit for cDNA synthesis is critical to obtaining high yields of cDNA to improve the sensitivity of your RT-PCR assays. Life Technologies offers a wide range of Reverse Transcriptase enzymes optimized for generating cDNA for one and two step RT-PCR. Choose from a variety of enzyme types and formats, including SuperScript® III, SuperScript® II and ThermoScript.

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  Standard RT-PCR for Smaller Templates Standard RT-PCR for Long Templates High Performance RT-PCR High Performance RT-PCR with High Fidelity High Temperature RT-PCR with High Fidelity
RT EnzymeSuperScript® IISuperScript® IISuperScript® IIISuperScript® IIIInvitrogen ThermoScript™
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(100 reactions)
(100 reactions)
(100 reactions)
(100 reactions)
Optimal Reaction Temp.45°C45°C55°C55°C65°C
Max cDNA Length3 kb9 kb 200 bp - 4.5 kb 300 bp - 10 kb100 bp - 12 kb
Sensitivity10 pg - 1 µg Total RNA10 pg - 1 µg Total RNA0.01 pg - 1 µg Total RNA1 pg - 1 µg Total RNA10 pg - 5 µg Total RNA
One Step or Two StepOne StepOne StepOne StepOne StepTwo Step
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