For sensitive, specific, quantitative detection of cytokines, chemokines, signaling proteins, receptors, neurobiology markers, growth factors, adhesion molecules, and more, we offer a wide range of ELISA kits. These kits are developed to work with a broad range of sample types and species.

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Antibody Pair Kits

Matched, pre-titered, and fully optimized capture (coating) and detection antibodies allow you to build your own immunoassay.

Primary Antibodies

Search for primary antibodies against a wide range of markers, including signaling proteins, cell and organelle markers, cell junctions CD markers, and more.

Luminex® Assays

Bead-based technology enables the analysis of multiple targets in a single sample from a wide range of biological sources. Check our custom Luminex® assay panel.

Secondary Antibodies

Browse our secondary antibodies, with conjugates that include Alexa Fluor® and classic fluorescent dyes, HRP and AP, and more from a wide range of hosts.

ELISA kits

ELISAs enable the specific, quantitative measurements of protein from a variety of biological sources.  Advantages of our ELISA kits include:

  • Enables sensitive, accurate, and consistent performance
  • Validation with serum, plasma, tissue culture supernatants, or cell lysates
  • Ready-to-use and a half day assay protocol

Each ELISA kit comes ready-to-use and includes:

  • Antibody-coated 96-well plate
  • Detector antibody
  • Standard
  • HRP conjugate
  • Diluent buffers
  • Wash buffer
  • Chromogenic substrate
  • Stop solution
  • Plate covers

These kits work with a variety of sample types such as serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, cell lysate, tissue homogenate, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). We offer ELISA kits for use with human, mouse, rat, monkey, bovine, and swine samples as well as several multi-species kits.

Convenient, ready-to-use kits offer results fast 
Every ELISA kit comes ready to use with a pre-coated 96-well plate and all necessary reagents. A detailed, easy-to-follow protocol with kit-specific performance claims is also provided. Just add sample, run the assay, and get quantitative results in half a day (Figure 1).

Our ELISA kits help delivers accurate and consistent results (Figure 2). We research each target protein and calibrate our ELISA kits to provide physiologically relevant sensitivity. In addition, kits are validated using common sample types including serum, plasma, supernatant, and cell lysates for signaling or phosphorylation proteins.
These kits are manufactured to help ensure excellent quality and reproducibility. Kits must meet quality-controlled specifications for sensitivity, dynamic range, precision, specificity, recovery, and lot-to-lot consistency in order to leave our facilities. Our stringent quality specifications require that each new lot of ELISA kits exhibits <20% variation compared to previous lots. 

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Figure 1. Fast and easy, 4-hour ELISA kit protocol.  Capture antibodies are pre-coated on the bottom of the 96-well plate. The sample or standard is added to the wells and incubated to allow target proteins to bind. The wells are then washed to remove unbound material and the detection antibody is added and incubated to form a sandwich around the protein of interest. HRP conjugate is then added and incubated to allow binding via a biotin–streptavidin interaction. Next, the chromogen substrate for HRP is added and the subsequent enzymatic reaction turns the solution blue. Finally, the reaction is stopped, turning the solution yellow in proportion to the amount of target protein in the sample. Results are read in a micro-plate reader at 450 nm.

Figure 2. Our ELISA kits provide reproducible results from lot to lot. Individual production lots (A–K) of the IFN-γ Human ELISA Kit were analyzed using 4 concentrations of control target protein (C1–C4). All 11 lots provided uniform sensitivity and low lot-to-lot variation (<20%).


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