For researchers studying G protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) and other membrane proteins, MembranePro™ expression systems deliver enriched, functional membrane proteins efficiently and reliably.

  • Proteins are displayed on mammalian cell membranes
  • Cellular quality control and mammalian posttranslational processing help produce functional proteins
  • Proteins bud off on lipoparticles and are easily collected from the culture medium
  • Lipoparticles are enriched with expressed receptors
Choose the MembranePro™ expression system that's right for your experiment
Adherent culture Suspension culture
  MembranePro™ Functional Protein Expression Kit NEW Expi293™ MembranePro™ Expression System

The MembranePro™ Functional Kit provides:

  • Easier prep (less labor/hands-on time)
  • Higher receptor density, more homogeneous final product
  • High-density replacement for cell membranes in receptor–ligand binding studies

In addition to the benefits of the MembranePro™ FPE Kit, the Expi293™ MembranePro™ Expression System provides:

  • >20-fold increase in membrane protein yield compared to the adherent culture system*
  • Ease of use—no enzymatic or mechanical dissociation required
  • Scalability—easy scale-up without the need for multiple flasks
Typical total protein
yield for ~30 mL reaction
50–500 µg/mL >1 mg/mL
Kit contents
  • MembranePro™ Reagent
  • MembranePro™ Precipitation Mix
  • Lipofectamine® 2000 Transfection Reagent
  • pEF6 V5-His TOPO® Expression Vector Kit
  • 293FT cells
  • MembranePro™ Reagent
  • MembranePro™ Precipitation Mix
  • ExpiFectamine™ 293 Transfection Kit
  • Expi293™ Expression Medium
  • Opti-MEM® I Reduced-Serum Medium
Other required components
(to purchase separately)
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**Actual membrane protein yield will vary with protein expressed


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