Antibodies & Purified Proteins
Invitrogen antibodies and recombinant proteins offer excellent specificity, activity, and purity. Finding antibodies is easy using our new Primary Antibody Search Tool and Secondary Antibodies Selector Tool. Browse our catalog of primary and secondary antibodies, or search for antibodies by marker, species, reactivity, or conjugate.

Antibodies & Secondary Detection

Invitrogen has an extensive menu of application-validated antibodies. We also offer antibodies for dyes and haptens, epitope tags, phosphoamino acids, as well as isotype controls. Our expansive secondary antibody products include Alexa Fluor® and Qdot® fluorescent conjugates as well as conjugates of classic dyes, enzymes, R-PE, and biotin. 


Proteins & Enzymes

Protein & Antibody Labeling

Invitrogen offers a wide range of labeling kits to directly label antibodies or other proteins with intensely fluorescent Alexa Fluor® dyes, Qdot® nanocrystals, conventional fluorescent dyes or biotin.