Biomarker Discovery

Invitrogen provides a diverse set of biomarker discovery products and services. Discover disease-specific autoantibody biomarkers with Invitrogen's comprehensive immune response biomarker (IRBP) profiling service and new ProtoArray® bundle offerings. Several tools are available for fractionation of protein samples allowing you to "dig deeper" into the proteome. Magnetic bead technology can help you get a profile of peptides present in a given sample.

Mass Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry
SILAC™ Protein Identification and Quantitation Kits
 Protein Sample Preparation Protein Sample Preparation
Protein Isolation, Protein Separation, Organelle Isolation
Protein Microarrays Protein Microarrays
Human Protein Microarrays for Profiling of Immune Response Biomarkers, Small Molecules, Enzyme Substrates, Antibody Specificity, Protein-Protein Interaction