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The ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarray is the first high-density microarray and contains thousands of unique, full length human proteins including kinases, phophatases, GPCRs, nuclear receptors, and proteases, spotted in duplicate on a 1 inch x 3 inch thin nitrocellulose coated glass slide. ProtoArray® human protein microarray version 5.0 contains over 9,000 unique human proteins individually purified and arrayed under native conditions to maximize functionality. Version 5.0 also includes control ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarray proteins in each sub-array to facilitate supported applications. Additionally, data analysis software, ProtoArray® Prospector, is freely available for examining the results from your experiments.

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  Profile immune responses to over 9,000 proteins in a day Custom immune response assays developed and conducted for your autoantibody targets Outsource biomarker discovery to our PhD staffed service lab
Assay Targets> 9,000 full length human proteins per array10 to 80 custom proteins per experiment> 9,000 full length human proteins per array
Number of Samples 1 per array90 per plate10 to 200+ per project
Protein Targets Broad Proteome ContentCustomer Selected ContentBroad Proteome Content
Turnaround Time 1 day10 to 12 weeks4 to 6 weeks
Protein Expression SystemInsect AnyInsect
Data Analysis Tool ProtoArray® ProspectorData analysis, raw data, and report providedData analysis, raw data, and report provided
Capital Equipment Required Microarray ScannerNoneNone
Price$1,025 per array Contact usContact us
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We offer a variety of application-specific protein microarray profiling services. Identify the profiling service you need and request more information or a quote from our Custom Services team.

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Discover helpful tech resources such as ProtoArray® protein microarray application notes, manuals, and literature, as well as information on compatible scanners and software.

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