Immune Response Biomarker Profiling

Uncover novel autoantibody markers for cancer, autoimmune disorders, and other diseases at an unprecedented pace with ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarrays. Invitrogen’s Immune Response Biomarker Profiling application was developed on our advanced ProtoArray® Technology, which contains more than 9,000 full-length proteins purified under native conditions.

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Advantages of Biomarker Discovery Using ProtoArray® Technology

This high content discovery tool provides sensitive and reproducible results, quickly and easily (Figure 1). Only ProtoArray® microarrays provide immediate protein identification and involve:

  • As little as 10 microliters of sera or plasma
  • No pre-labeling or tagging
  • Simple profiling protocol for biomarker discovery

ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarrays have been successfully used to identify biomarkers from a number of different diseases. Examples included identifying cancer biomarkers for ovarian [1], prostate [2], bladder [3], and lung cancers [4]. The arrays have also been successfully used to identify non-HLA protein biomarkers in transplantation patients [5-7].

The ProtoArray® Immune Response Biomarker Profiling application is available either as  custom service or as a product.

ProtoArray® microarray protein array platform
Figure 1. The ProtoArray® microarray platform accelerates your biomarker search.


ProtoArray® Immune Response Biomarker Profiling Service
  • Pre-service Consultation — Receive a consultation session with our experienced service scientists to optimize your experimental design
  • Post-service Comprehensive Report — A complete report detailing the profiling experiment, results, and population statistics will be delivered to you in approximately 4 weeks
  • Technical Support — Our responsive support and dedicated staff will be available to you through the completion of your project

Learn More About our Immune Response Biomarker Profiling Service with ProtoArray® v5.0.