Integrating cell biology workflows into quantitative analytical platforms

Cell Biology Workflows
Identify differences in diseased versus normal cells (A) and their role in signal transduction pathways (B) by comparing the relative abundance of individual proteins (C).

ID secreted proteins confidently

ID Secreted Proteins

ID protein biomarkers using simple cell culture workflow

Simple Cell Culture Workflow

SILAC™ Protein ID and Quantitation Kits

Silac Bottles
Step 1
Duplicate Silac

Grow duplicate cultures in SILAC™ media with isotopically distinct amino acids (AA)
Step 2
Silac Apply Stimuli
If needed apply stimulus (e.g. RNAi, etc.) to culture grown in SILAC™ Media. Harvest and mix cells.
Step 3
Silac Gel
Lyse cells using SILAC™ lysis buffers "run lysate on NuPAGE™ ID gel", excise gel band and trypsinize.

Step 4
Silac Data Analysis
Sample submission to MS operator for data analysis.
Step 5
Silac List Proteins
Obtain list of proteins identified with relative abundances.
Silac Protein Source