Our Expression Services provide access to all of the world-class reagents and technologies in Invitrogen’s portfolio, along with a dedicated and skilled staff of scientists to successfully execute your service.

Our Services Team
Our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists is available to aid in experimental design. The protein expression group will work with you to help meet your project needs.

Baculovirus Expression
Baculovirus expression systems offer high-level expression, ease of scale-up, and production of recombinant protein with posttranslational modifications.

Bacterial Expression
Protein expression in bacterial cells is a quick and economical method to generate high levels of recombinant protein.

FreeStyle™ Mammalian Expression
Utilize the FreeStyle™ 293 and CHO expression
systems to rapidly produce protein in transient mammalian systems.

PichiaPink™ Expression
Our PichiaPink™ Yeast Expression System delivers yields of up to 12 g/L of posttranslationally modified recombinant protein.

Expressway™ HTP Cell-Free Expression
The Expressway™ Cell-Free Expression Systems utilize an efficient coupled transcription and translation reaction to produce up to milligram quantities of active recombinant protein.

For inquiries about our Protein Expression Services, contact custom.services@lifetech.com.