The GeneArt® Cryopreservation Kit for Algae can be used to preserve algal strains and clones for storage at –80°C for years, thus eliminating liquid nitrogen storage and continuous cultures as a way to maintain your clones. Cryopreservation is the optimal choice for preservation and long-term storage of algae since it minimizes genetic drift, facilitates strain and clone exchange between labs, and reduces maintenance labor and costs. Simply grow your cells in the presence of Cryopreservation Reagent A for 2–5 days, harvest, resuspend in Cryopreservation Reagent B, and freeze a small aliquot in one of two recommended freezing containers* at –80°C. The GeneArt® Cryopreservation Kit for Algae has been used to preserve Chlamydomonas and Chlorella strains with 100% resuscitation after thawing.

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  • Preserve Chlamydomonas and Chlorella strains and clones for –80°C storage
  • Eliminate liquid nitrogen storage
  • Minimize contamination and genetic drift that typically occur in continuous cultures
  • Ship algal clones on dry ice for exchange between labs

*In our labs at Life Technologies, we have successfully used the following freezing containers with the GeneArt® Cryopreservation Kit for Algae:

  • Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Mr. Frosty Freezing Container
  • Biocision® CoolCell® FTS30 Cell Freezing Container

Fresh Chlamydomonas culture (blue) grown in TAP growth medium and Chlamydomonas cultures previously frozen (green and red lines) using the GeneArt® Cryopreservation Kit for Algae and resuscitated in TAP growth medium following the manufacturer’s recommendations were monitored at OD750 over an 80-hour period (50 µE, 24°C, 110 rpm shaker). Growth was consistent in all three conditions, demonstrating the utility of the GeneArt® Cryopreservation Kit for Algae to produce frozen Chlamydomonas samples that, when resuscitated, have growth characteristics similar to those of fresh aliquots. Similar results were observed with Chlorella (wild type and transformants, data not shown).

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