The Flp-In™ System allows stable integration and expression of your gene of interest to deliver single-copy isogenic cell lines. Flp-In™ expression involves introduction of a Flp Recombination Target (FRT) site into the genome of the mammalian cell line of choice. An expression vector containing your gene of interest is then integrated into the genome via Flp recombinase–mediated DNA recombination at the FRT site.

Life Technologies offers a selection of Flp-In™ products, including expression vectors and systems, as well as parental cell lines with a stably integrated FRT site. Designed for rapid generation of stable cell lines, these products ensure high-level expression of your protein of interest from a Flp-In™ expression vector.

Ordering Information

Sku Name Size Price Qty
R78007 Flp-In™ T-REx™ 293 Cell Line 1 mL USD 1,226.00
R76007 Flp-In™-BHK Cell Line 1 mL USD 900.00
R75807 Flp-In™-CHO Cell Line 1 mL USD 1,064.00
R75207 Flp-In™-CV-1 Cell Line 1 mL USD 912.00
R75007 Flp-In™-293 Cell Line 1 mL USD 1,054.00
R76207 Flp-In™-Jurkat Cell Line 1 mL USD 992.00
R76107 Flp-In™-3T3 Cell Line 1 mL USD 1,014.00
K601001 Flp-In™ Complete System 1 kit USD 1,314.00
K650001 Flp-In™ T-REx™ Core Kit 1 kit USD 1,524.00
K601002 Flp-In™ Core System 1 kit USD 978.00
K651020 pcDNA™5/FRT/TO TOPO® TA Expression Kit 20 reactions USD 748.00
K602001 pcDNA™5/FRT/V5-His-TOPO® TA Expression Kit 20 reactions USD 750.00
V652020 pcDNA™5/FRT/TO Vector Kit 20 µg USD 640.00
V601020 pcDNA™5/FRT Mammalian Expression Vector 20 µg USD 556.00
V103020 pcDNA™4/TO/myc-His A, B, & C Mammalian Expression Vectors 20 µg USD 700.00
K602501 pSecTag/FRT/V5-His© TOPO® TA Expression Kit 20 reactions USD 778.00
K603501 pEF5/FRT/V5 Directional TOPO® Cloning Kit 20 reactions USD 738.00
V600520 pOG44 Flp-Recombinase Expression Vector 20 µg USD 454.00
V601520 pFRT/lacZeo Vector 20 µg USD 423.00
V602020 pEF5/FRT/V5-DEST™ Gateway™ Vector 6 µg USD 465.00
V602220 pFRT/lacZeo2 Vector 20 µg USD 490.00