Our PichiaPink Yeast Expression system delivers yields up 12 grams per liter of post-translationlly modified recombinant protein.

  • Protein yields up to 12 g/L
  • Scalable production
  • Convenient kit formats
  • Mammalian-like proteins

Optimize for the Best Yield

Our new Pichia pastoris yeast expression system contains both low and high copy plasmid backbones, 8 secretion signal sequences and 4 yeast strains--all to help you optimize for highest yield possible of your recombinant protein.

Cellular machinery delivers fuctional proteins

P. pastoris has many of the eukaryotics subcellular machinery for post-translation modification and delivers a high probability of an active function recombinant protein.

Yeast Offer Expression Advantages

The advantages of P. Pastoris include rapid growth, a well-defined genetic background, simple media formulations and handling techniques--all of which make it the ideal host for producing large quantities of protein in a short period of time.

Scalable Method Meets Expression Need

Using the P. pastoris system for small scale up to fermentation scale production ensures you have the flexibility to produce the protein quantity you need for any application.

PichiaPink™ is the best choice

PichiaPink™ Yeast Expression System offers significant advantages compared to the original EasySelect™ Pichia system:

  PichiaPink™ Yeast Expression system EasySelect™ Yeast Expression system
Plasmid copy numberBoth high and low copy enables optimization of toxic protein expressionHigh copy number only
No. of secretion signal leader sequences?8 sequences1 sequence
No. of strains?4 strains3 strains
No. of Protease deficient host strains?30
Uses antibiotic resistance marker?No, relies on adenine selectionYes, uses zeocin