Protein gel electrophoresis is a simple way to separate proteins prior to downstream detection or analysis. The Novex® brand of high-quality protein electrophoresis products unites gels, stains, standards, and blotting products for your protein analysis experiments. Find a protein electrophoresis workflow that matches your separation task using the products below.

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Migration patterns of Life Technologies protein gels

Migration Patterns of Life Technologies Protein Gels 

Additional protein gel electrophoresis products

Specialized Protein Gels 

Specialized Protein Gels
E-PAGE™ Gels, Novex® IEF, Zymogram & Tricine Gels, NativePAGE® Gels, & ZOOM® 2D Electrophoresis System

 Western Blot Analysis Western Blot Analysis
Western Blot Transfer Systems, Antibodies, Detection Kits, Membranes, Buffers, Reagents
 Protein Ladders and Standards 

Protein Standards & Ladders
Prestained, Unstained, & Western Blot Standards, Specialty Ladders, IEF & Native Protein Markers

Electrophoresis Buffers & Reagents Electrophoresis Buffers & Reagents
Sample Buffers, Running Buffers, Reducing Agents, Polyacrylamide, Gel Drying Solutions
 Protein Gel Stains Protein Gel Stains
Gel & Membrane Stains, Gel Staining Accessories & Kits, Secondary Detection Reagents
 Instruments, Power Supplies and Accessories Chambers, Power Supplies & Accessories
Electrophoresis Chambers, Cassettes, Combs, Fractionators, Gel Drying





Protein separation myths busted!

  • It's about time old electrophoresis myths were busted. Don't get left behind. Bring your separation tools up to date today with Novex® gels. See for yourself!