XCell6™ MultiGel Electrophoresis System

The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit Electrophoresis System is designed to run Novex® pre-cast mini gels, including NuPAGE®, Tris-Glycine, NativePAGE™, Tricine, Zymogram, and IEF.

The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit allows for:

  • Increased throughput — simultaneously run up to six Novex® pre-cast gels
  • Flexibility — using the XCell6™ Buffer Dam, you can run anywhere between 3 to 6 gels without wasting buffer
  • Elimination of the need for external water baths or stir plates — the unit uses passive cooling
  • Low gel-to-gel variation — heat is evenly distributed and dispersed throughout the unit

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XCell6™ MultiGel Unit System Overview

The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit consists of a Lower Buffer Chamber, 3 Buffer Cores, a lid with cables, and a Buffer Dam (Figure 1). Electrophoresis of proteins on mini-gels in the XCell6™ MultiGel Unit is performed after assembling each Buffer Core with 2 mini-gels or a Buffer Core with a mini-gel and a Buffer Dam.

The Buffer Core/gel assembly is inserted into Lower Buffer Chamber using a positive locking mechanism that seals the Buffer Core/gel assembly firmly into position and ensures leak-free electrophoresis. The Buffer Core/gel assembly creates 3 chambers containing an upper buffer chamber for every 2 mini-gels and a common lower buffer chamber shared by all gels. The lid is placed onto the unit and fits on the unit in only one orientation to prevent incorrect connection to the electrodes.

The unique design of the XCell6™ MultiGel Unit evenly dissipates heat resulting in consistent performance of all gels without the need for any external cooling device. The Buffer Core and Buffer Dam are color-coded for easy, intuitive assembly.

Important features of the XCell6™ MultiGel Unit are listed below:

  • User-friendly design without any clamps or grease for leak-free electrophoresis
  • Flexibility to perform electrophoresis of 36 mini-gels
  • Unique, heat-dissipating design of the XCell6™ MultiGel Unit produces consistent results without the need for any cooling device
  • Built-in safety features to enhance user safety

Components of XCell6™ MultiGel Unit

The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit includes:

  • XCell6™ Lower Buffer Chamber
  • XCell6™ Lid with Cables
  • 3 -XCell6™ Buffer Cores
  • XCell6™ Buffer Dam
  • Gel Knife
XCell6™ MultiGel Unit Schematic
Figure 1. Schematic of XCell6™ MultiGel Unit.

Table 1 - Specifications of the XCell6™ MultiGel Unit

Gel Capacity: Up to six Novex® mini-gels
Cell Dimensions: 28 cm (l) x 16 cm (w) x 19 cm (h)
Upper Buffer Chamber Requirement: 3 x 250 ml
Lower Buffer Chamber Requirement: 670 ml
Chemical Resistance: The XCell6™ MultiGel Unit is impervious to alcohol, but not compatible with chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g., chloroform), aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g., toluene, benzene) or acetone

Order Information

Sku Name Size Price Qty
EI9016 Gaskets for XCell units 1 each USD 13.97
EI9021 Buffer Core Repair Kit for XCell SureLock® Mini-Cell 1 kit USD 55.00

For Research Use Only.  Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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