Whether you just need a quick visual confirmation or require a highly sensitive stain to detect low-abundance proteins, we offer a variety of easy to use, effective protein stains for both in-gel and on-membrane detection.

Which protein gel stain is right for you?

Sensitive, non-hazardous Coomassie blue stain Higher sensitivity silver protein stain Highest sensitivity fluorescent stain for quantitative & multiplex analysis
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SimplyBlue® SafeStain
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SilverQuest™ Silver Staining Kit SYPRO® Ruby Protein Gel Stain
Minimum protein detected >7ng 0.3 ng 0.25 ng
Staining/de-staining time 12 min microwave
(3 hr standard method)
27 min microwave
(1.5 hr standard method)
90 min microwave
(18 hr standard method)
Ease of use Ready to use Complete kit, requires prep Ready to use
Non-hazardous Yes No No
Mass spectrometry compatible Yes Yes Yes
Multiplex capability No No Yes (SYPRO® Ruby Protein Gel Stain)