Table 1. Recommended well loading volumes and sample loads for mini gels

                  Number of wells/well type
Maximum loading volume/wellGel thickness 
1.0 mm700 µL60 µL28 µL25 µL20 µL15 µL15 µL7 cm IPG Strip400 µL
1.5 mmn/an/an/a37 µLn/a25 µLn/an/a600 µL
Maximum recommended sample load for optimal resolution++Sample type 
Protein*12 µg2 µg0.5 µg0.5 µg0.5 µg0.5 µg0.5 µgn/a12 µg
DNA**2.4 µg400 ng100 ng100 ng100 ng100 ngn/an/a2.0 µg
++NuPAGE® gels have a higher protein load capacity than Tris-Glycine or Tricine gels.  *Coomassie® stained protein; **Ethidium bromide stained DNA

Table 2. Recommended well loading volumes and sample loads for midi gels

                      Number of wells
 12 + 2**2026**
Maximum load volume/well*45 µL sample
+ 15 µL standards
25 µL15 µL
Maximum protein load/band***0.7 µg0.5 µg0.35 µg
Maximum protein load/band****1.4 ng1 ng0.7 ng
*These volumes represent approximately 60% of the actual maximum volume of the wells. ** Compatible with standard multichannel pipette; *** Coomassie® stained protein; ****Silver stained protein