Protein Quantification

Accurate and sensitive quantification of proteins is key to most experiments. Life Technologies offers reagents and products for quantifying total protein concentration in solution using both fluorescent- and colorimetric-based assays including the Invitrogen® Qubit® Protein Assay Platform.

For target-specific protein quantification, Life Technologies offers their Novex® reagents and solutions for immunodetection-based assays including western blot analysis, ELISA and Luminex® multiplex bead-based assays and instruments.

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Solution Based Protein Quantification Solution-Based Protein Quantification
Qubit® Protein Assay Platform, Fluorometric & Colorimetric Protein Assays
Western Blot Analysis Western Blot Analysis
Western Blot Transfer Systems, Antibodies, Detection Kits, Membranes, Buffers, Reagents 


ELISA Kits ELISA Protein Quantification
Cytokine ELISA, beta Amyloid ELISAs, phosphoELISA, ELISAs for Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey
Luminex Assays Luminex® Protein Quantification
Multiplex Luminex® Assays, Singleplex Luminex® Assays, Assays for Cytokines, Signaling Transduction Proteins