Protein Purification

You can isolate peptides, proteins, and protein complexes directly from your crude sample for further analysis. Life Technologies offers reliable solutions for academic and industrial researchers, diagnostic companies, and biotech OEMs. Advance your proteomic workflows using our comprehensive Invitrogen™ portfolio of products.


For small-scale, reproducible protein pull-downs, magnetic Dynabeads® coupled with protein A or G are a fast and increasingly popular method.


Bead Based Protein & Peptide Purification

'In solution' magnetic protein separation is easy, fast and gentle. A wide range of Dynabeads® and other protein purification reagents are available. To make your choice easier, check out this selection guide. We also offer a broad range of chromatography reagents for protein and antibody purification.


Non-Bead Based Protein Purification

Life Technologies offers a broad range of reliable affinity chromatography reagents for protein and antibody purification, along with a variety of proteases for efficient tag removal.


Protein Complex Pull-Downs

’In solution’ protein pull-down is both gentle and fast with Dynabeads®. Large protein complexes can be isolated intact without breaking the weak ion bonds between interacting proteins.

Protein Sample Fractionation

 Separation can be done based on isoelectric point of proteins using the ZOOM® IEF Fractionator.  

Organelle Isolation

To reduce sample complexity prior to analysis, isolate organelles with magnetic separation technology. 

Cell Lysis

Use cell lysis reagents and kits to access your proteins of interest derived from whole cells.