Selection of Lab Research Scale Purification Reagents

Life Technologies offers a broad range of reliable affinity chromatography reagents for protein and antibody purification, along with a variety of proteases for efficient tag removal.


His-Tag Protein Purification

Reliable protein purification of 6xHis-tagged proteins—Ni-NTA agarose beads and ProBond™ resins

Analytical Chromatography

High-performance and high-capacity affinity chromatography resins for all purification scales—POROS®  media

Antibody Purification

Robust IgG purification for antibody production—Protein A Sepharose

Magnetic Bead Separation

Small-scale protein purification and isolation using magnetic bead technology—Dynabeads® magnetic bead separation


Protein Tag Removal

Selection of high-activity proteases—AcTEV™ Protease, EKMax™ Enterokinase, and SUMO™ Protease

Affinity Purification

CaptureSelect® affinity chromatography products for protein purification