Below you will find a diverse selection of buffers, reagents, kits and accessories to help you get consistent, reliable results for your western blot analysis. These products can be used with all of our western blot systems.

Blotting Buffers, Blocking Reagents and Protein Transfer Buffers

Western Blotting Roller and Incubation Tray

The Blotting Roller is an 8.6 cm wide roller designed for easy and efficient removal of bubbles when assembling gel/membrane sandwiches for blotting.  These include our E-PAGE™ Gels and our NuPAGE® and Novex® Protein Gels. The roller consists of a Del-rin roller attached to a stainless steel handle. One Blotting Roller is supplied per pack.

The Incubation Tray enables convenient and even staining of E-PAGE™ blots. The tray is 10 cm (l) x 14 cm (w) x 3 cm (d) with a lid. It is suitable for use with western immunodetection or blot stains. Each pack of Incubation Trays provides 8 plastic trays and 8 lids.

Incubation Tray manual

Blotting Roller
Incubation Tray

Blotting Roller & Incubation Tray Ordering Information

Catalog # Name Size List Price (USD) Qty
LC2100 Blotting Roller 1 unit 30.60
LC2102 Incubation Tray, 10 x 14 cm 8 each 121.00

Novex® Reversible Membrane Protein Stain Kit

The Novex® Reversible Membrane Protein Stain Kit allows complete, reversible staining of proteins on  nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes, providing highly sensitive protein band detection (<10 ng bovine serum albumin) with minimal background. The staining procedure is complete in less than 10 minutes, resulting in blue protein bands and provides higher sensitivity than the standard Ponceau S staining method. The staining reaction is fully reversed in 5 additional minutes.

Subsequent western blot detection is unaffected by the staining and erasing process, and in some cases higher sensitivity is achieved.

Kit Component    Item Amount*
Stain Solution167 mL
Destain Solution150 mL
Eraser (contains sodium carbonate)150 mL
*Sufficient amount is supplied for reversible staining and erasing of 10 (8 cm x 8 cm) membranes

Novex® Reversible Membrane Protein Stain Kit Product Manual

NuPAGE® Large Protein Blotting Kit

The NuPAGE® Large Protein Blotting Kit is ideal for Western blotting of high molecular weight proteins. The kit includes precast protein gels, pre-made buffers, and pre-assembled nitrocellulose membrane/filter paper sandwiches to ensure consistent results and eliminates the need to prepare reagents. A pre-stained protein standard (HiMark™) specifically designed for analysis of high molecular weight proteins is also included to allow you to easily monitor the protein transfer.  This kit is designed for use with the XCell II™ Blot Module. Sufficient reagents are included to run and blot 20 mini-gels.

Kit Component Quantity
HiMark™ Pre-Stained High Molecular (HMW) Weight Protein Standard 250 μL
NuPAGE® Novex 3-8% Tris-Acetate Gel (1.0 mm, 10 wells) 20 gels
NuPAGE® Tris-Acetate SDS Buffer Kit 1 kit
NuPAGE® Transfer Buffer (20X) 1 L
Nitrocellulose Membrane/Filter Sandwiches (0.45 μm) 20 sandwiches

Novex® and NuPAGE® Kits Ordering Information

Catalog # Name Size List Price (USD) Qty
LP0001 NuPAGE® Large Protein Blotting Kit 1 kit 842.00
IB7710 Novex® Reversible Membrane Protein Stain Kit 1 kit 87.75

Power Supplies for Western Blot Analysis


PowerEase® 90W Power Supply
The PowerEase® 90W Power Supply is designed specifically for mini-gel electrophoresis. The simple, intuitive interface enables you to simultaneously run and transfer two precast agarose or SDS-PAGE gels. This power supply is ideal for electrophoresis with Bolt® Bis-Tris gels and is a great value.

The PowerEase® 90W Power Supply features:

  • Constant voltage or current settings
  • New affordable price
  • Built-in timer for walk-away gel electrophoresis
  • Four sets of output jacks that are compatible with most electrophoresis devices
  • Backlit LCD display
  • No need for plug adapters

The PowerEase® 90W Power Supply is designed to provide more power than our competitors’ models and is simple to operate—just set a constant voltage or current to begin a run. The power supply provides enough power to easily run and transfer two mini-gels, such as Bolt® Bis-Tris Plus gels.

Ordering Information

ZOOM® Dual Power Supply
The ZOOM® Dual Power Supply is a microprocessor-controlled programmable power supply capable of running both high-voltage/low-current and high-current/low-voltage applications concurrently.

  • The high-voltage/low-current section is ideal for sample fractionation, IPG strips, IEF, and DNA sequencing applications.
  • The low-voltage/high-current section is for SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, second-dimension SDS-PAGE, DNA/RNA electrophoresis, and blotting applications.

Four sets of output jacks on each side of the unit allow for multiple apparatuses to run simultaneously, offering greater workflow efficiency and higher sample throughput.

Ordering Information

Catalog # Name Size List Price (USD) Qty
ZP10001 ZOOM® Dual Power Supply (100-120 VAC 47 - 60 Hz) œ 1 each 3,090.00