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RNAi is a specific, potent, and highly successful approach for loss-of-function studies in virtually all eukaryotic organisms. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we have developed two types of small RNA molecules that function in RNAi: short interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules and microRNAs (miRNA). Thermo Fisher Scientific offers products for RNAi analysis in vitro and in vivo, including libraries for high-throughput applications. Your choice of tool depends on your model system, the length of time you require knockdown, and other experimental parameters.

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Effectively knock down gene expression using our proprietary Silencer® Select siRNA systems and Stealth RNAi™ siRNA

Determine the best approach for delivering RNAi to your cells using either lipid-mediated transfection (Lipofectamine® reagents) or the Neon® Transfection System

siRNA reagents for non-coding RNA

Analyze miRNA function with mirVana™ miRNA mimics and inhibitors

Find a complete solution for successful in vivo RNAi experiments including the highest nuclease stability Ambion® In Vivo siRNA

Reagents & kits to achieve transient or stable target knockdown in hard-to-transfect cells including BLOCK-iT™ system products

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This Nature publication from NCATS, NIH demonstrates the utility of Silencer Select Genome-Wide siRNA library for arrayed high throughput screening in effectively identifying novel drug targets for Parkinson’s disease. The workflow adopted for this effort also was dependent on other Life Technology products such as Lipofectamine RNAiMAX and Gibco Media for its success. Final validation of lead drug targets was accomplished by creating knockout cell lines using the TAL-effector endonuclease (TALEN) technology.