A Solution For Successful In Vivo RNAi

In vivo RNAi experiments are more challenging than their in vitro counterparts due to the high levels of ribonucleases present in all body fluids. These added challenges necessitate the use of the RNase resistant Ambion® In Vivo siRNAs to obtain reproducible results in vivo. Ambion® In Vivo siRNAs retain all the characteristics of Silencer Select including potency, specificity and efficacy and provide an enhanced stability and safety profile for animal studies.

Which In Vivo siRNA is right for you?

  Cost-effective siRNA High knock-down Highest knock-down, prolonged nuclease stability
Relative % KnockdownModerateHighHighest
Nuclease Resistance (w/o Delivery Agent)<5 min in 90% Mouse Serum~12 hours in 90% Mouse Serum>48 hours in 90% Mouse Serum
Recommended Dosing with Invivofectamine 2.0>10.0 mg/kg~7.0 mg/kg~3.0 mg/kg
Target SpecificityModerateHighHighest
Innate Immune ResponseMinimumMinimized through chemical modificationsMinimized through chemical modifications
Molecular FormatUnmodified 21-bp duplex with overhangsModified 25-bp duplex with no overhangsLNA modified 21-bp duplex with overhangs
Custom ToolCustom Silencer® siRNACustom Stealth RNAi™ siRNACustom Ambion® In Vivo siRNA
Catalog #
AM16231: siRNA In Vivo Custom 250 nM100001866: RNA - Stealth 20 nM In Vivo4457308: Ambion In Vivo Pre-DGN HPLC, 250 nM
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