Ion Torrent™

Certified Service
Provider Program

Now every lab can get access to high-quality, fast-turnaround exome and transcriptome sequencing.

The Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Certified Service Provider program is a network of service providers that enables any researcher to get the highest-quality exome sequencing data from small amounts of input material (as low as 50 ng) with very fast turnaround.

The Ion AmpliSeq™ Certified Exome network of service providers will take genomic DNA from customers, prepare the samples using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit, and sequence them on the Ion Proton™ System. The researcher will receive high-quality sequencing data that can be easily uploaded into Ion Reporter™ Software for annotation, mutation validation, and reporting.

North America Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Certified Service Providers

Affiliated Genetics Inc. (AGI) utilizes state-of-the-art equipment operated by professional staff to fulfill client requests expediently. Our quality genomic services include next-generation sequencing, genotyping, and microarray technology (among others) to provide the life sciences industry with the most reliable and accurate results possible. The laboratory also provides services to government and academic institutions worldwide for a wide spectrum of applications.

Affiliated Genetics
Contact: Lesa Nelson
Phone: 800-362-5559 / (801) 582-4200

AltheaDx provides next-generation sequencing (NGS) services using both the Life Technologies Ion Torrent™ PGM™ Sequencer and the Ion Torrent™ Proton™ System. AltheaDx provides a total workflow solution starting from nucleic acid isolation, target enrichment, library construction, and sequencing for applications such as whole exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, targeted re-sequencing, and focused amplicon sequencing. AltheaDx utilizes established target enrichment strategies to optimize sequencing depth of coverage across the specific regions of interest, allowing for accurate mutational analysis by NGS. Both hybridization-based and amplicon-based selection methods are designed specifically for the sample type and disease indication. Libraries of specific regions of interest are sequenced to an optimal depth and data analyzed for genetic variants.

Contact: Emily Winn-Deen Phone: 858-224-7214

The Genomics Core offers sequencing for your research applications for microbiome profiling, transcriptome analyses, and targeted resequencing with rapid turnaround times using both an Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine and an Ion Proton™ Sequencer. These sequencers are designed to deliver better, faster, and less expensive data than current next-generation sequencing machines. Our experienced team of wet lab and bioinformatic scientists strive to provide high-quality results as evidenced by our recent publications in Nature Genetics, Science, BMC Genomics, and AJHG.

Cedars Sinai
Contact: Vince Funari
Phone: 310-423-2544

The Molecular Pathology Genomics (MPG) Core is integrally positioned within Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Center and acts as the molecular research core to the University of Southern California’s Norris Cancer Center. Our highly skilled staff and faculty expertise allow us to provide exceptional service and act as a facilitator and driver of future genomic innovation.

Molecular Pathology Genomics Core at CHLA
Contact: D. Gigi Ostrow
Phone: 323-361-5325

Claritas Genomics is a full-service clinical research laboratory, originally part of Boston Children’s Hospital.  We offer clinincal research services to ordering scientists, hospitals, and researchers. Claritas offers a full range of cllinical research services.

Claritas Genomics
Phone: 781–216-2850

Eureka Genomics develops molecular services for clinical research and AgBio applications  and provides next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics services, including Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Sequencing.

Eureka Genomics
Contact: Didier Perez
Phone: (415) 269 0666

GeneDx specializes in clinical research for rare hereditary disorders.

Contact: Dean Gaalaas
Phone: 301-519-2100

GENEWIZ, Inc. is an award-winning global contract research organization (CRO) specializing in genomics services. Excelling in both science and customer support, GENEWIZ is a trusted provider for DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, genomic, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and GxP and  clinical research services. Customers depend on GENEWIZ to take ownership of their research to achieve results in a rapid, cost-effective manner through specialized expertise and customizable, scalable services.

Phone: +1-908-222-0711 option 3

The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG) is dedicated to conducting and promoting groundbreaking research in genomics including service and training support for academic, government, and private sector scientists worldwide.    The Centre's services include sequencing, informatics, microarrays, cytogenomics, biobanking, and statistical analysis.  A variety of sequencing applications are undertaken, including whole exome and whole genome, metagenomics, amplicon re-sequencing, transcriptome, and the sequencing of immunoprecipitated or methylated DNA.

Sick Kids – The Centre for Applied Genomics
Contact: Sergio Pereira
Phone: 416-813-8642

Kashi Laboratories is a fully accredited clinical research laboratory specializing in a range of customized genomic and transplant-related research. The laboratory uses and develops molecular markers associated with a variety of acute and chronic disorders.

Kashi Laboratories
Contact: Zahra Kashi
Phone: 503-206-4989

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The Genomics Core Lab (GCL) at MSKCC is a full-service microarray and sequencing facility. The GCL supports basic and clinical research by providing DNA and RNA analysis services from experimental design and sample preparation to basic data analysis and training. Since its inception in January 2001, the GCL has processed more than 15,000 samples and served over 150 New York state research laboratories and numerous out-of-state research institutions.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Contact: Dr. Agnes Viale
Phone: (212) 639-3031
Email: vialea@MSKCC.ORG

The Molecular Resource Center (MRC) is one of the University of Tennessee's Centers of Excellence. It was founded in 1985 to promote and develop the use of molecular biology in basic and clinical research programs at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Today, the MRC houses a full range of molecular, biochemical and immunological facilities through its core laboratories.

Molecular Resource Center - University of Tennessee
Contact: William Taylor
Phone: 901-448-6165

The OSU Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory is an integral part of The OSU College of Medicine Center for Pharmacogenomics.  The Center for Pharmacogenomics supports molecular genetics and genomics technologies, biomarker development, and clinical research of complex disorders.  The Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory has developed new approaches for the discovery of genetic variants, with a focus on gene regulation, including innovative genome-scale technologies such as massively-parallel sequencing and data integration.  Investigators from different scientific disciplines join forces to explore research of  applications on cardiovascular, central nervous system (CNS), infectious diseases, and cancer.

OSU Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory
Contact: Audrey Papp Phone: 614-292-5165

PrimBio Research Institute is committed to providing innovative technology and platforms for your genetic analysis. PrimBio was founded to advance genomic research by providing high-quality results with fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

PrimBio Research Institute
Phone: (610) 458-1112 or (267) 671-2603

Research and Testing Laboratory provides bioinformatics, molecular detection, genome sequencing, microbial diversity, and medical biofilm research services.

Research and Testing Laboratory
Contact: J. Delton Hanson, Ph.D.
Phone: Main-806-771-1134

Our mission at Roswell Park Cancer Institute is to understand cancer.  Our Genomics Shared Resource (GSR) is a broadly functioning facility that provides an integrated set of tools and services for genomic research analysis.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Contact: Sean Glenn
Phone: 716-845-4012

RUCDR Infinite Biologics is a full service bio-repository and analytical services program that currently serves federal, foundation and industry clients. RUCDR provides kit manufacturing, study logistics, sample processing, sample storage and analytical services to support any component of the sample life cycle needed for small and large research studies alike. Analytical services include, but are not limited to, PCR/QPCR/Digital PCR, Microarray and Next-Gen sequencing technologies.

RUCDR Infinite Biologics
Contact: Andrew Brooks
Phone: 848-445-0225

The Genomics DNA Analysis Facility at Sanford-Burnham in La Jolla provides next-generation sequencing services, from experimental design to data analysis. Several sequencing options are available, including AmpliSeq™ targeted DNA resequencing on the Life Technologies Ion Torrent PGM™ and Ion Proton™ sequencers.

Genomics DNA Analysis Facility - Sanford-Burnham
Contact: Brian James
Phone: 858-646-3100 ex 4084

Selah Genomics specializes in supporting clinical researchers with advanced molecular and genomic research services.   Selah provides a suite of clinical research services.

Selah Genomics
Contact: Michael Bolick
Phone: 864-751-4815

SeqWright provides research-level genomics services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic communities. We offer a powerful array of discovery services, helping our customers meet their development and clinical research needs. Our services start with a full consultative session to discover your individual goals, finding the most cost-effective solution, and ending with comprehensive data analysis and customized data delivery.


The University of Arizona Genomics Shared Service has provided microarray and sequencing services for 13 years to researchers around the world. We are proud to offer low cost exome sequencing on the Ion Torrent™ Proton™ platform. Please contact us to arrange for your exome sequencing project.

University of Arizona Genomics Service
Contact: George S. Watts
Phone: (520) 626-4724

The Centre for Brain Health within the University of British Columbia integrates clinical research in the areas of neuroscience, neurology, and psychiatry bringing together all the multidisciplinary areas of brain health. We implement cutting edge research to identify the molecular causes of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

Centre for Brain Health - University of British Columbia
Contact: Carles Vilarino-Guell
Phone: 604-827-1303

The Keck-UNM Genomics Resource (KUGR) is a shared resource that provides access to microarrays, real-time PCR, and next-generation sequencing technologies, coupled with expert bioinformatics analysis.  In collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Jeremy Edwards, KUGR can perform a variety of next-generation sequencing assays using the Ion Torrent™ PGM™ instrument. These include ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and targeted sequencing assays. This platform is also used for Comprehensive Cancer Panel Assays, which perform multiplex targeted sequencing of all exons from over 400 known cancer-relevant genes, starting with very small amounts of material (such as FFPE samples).

Keck-UNM Genomics Resource – University of New Mexico
Phone: (505) 272-9883

WuXi AppTec provides global solutions and a seamless, high-quality, single-source approach for discovery and clinical research. With a 25-year history, WuXi AppTec supports the comprehensive needs of clinical research worldwide. Leveraging Life Technologies Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ next-generation sequencing platforms and an expert technical team, WuXi AppTec offers customer-focused programs to meet your exacting clinical research needs, including high-quality exome sequencing.

WuXi AppTec
Phone: 215-218-5500


Europe Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Certified Service Providers

We at Cellcall offer the full range of basic research and clinical research services which can be delivered using Life Technologies' PGM™ and Ion Proton™ platforms. We can handle complex projects, both large and small. Our scientists and IT experts are at your disposal.

Cellcall Ltd
Contact: Adrienn Kocsis MD, MSc
Phone: +36 70 454 3251

Centogene is a worldwide leader in the field of genetic diagnostics for rare hereditary diseases - with the largest test portfolio worldwide. Testing samples from over 90 different countries worldwide allows Centogene a unique insight into epidemiological genetic differences, which is crucial in the medical result interpretation process. Centogene's in depth medical expertise is supported by the application of cutting-edge technologies including next generation sequencing, whole exome sequencing (CentoXome®), whole genome sequencing and innovative biomarkers for selected diseases. Centogene has developed a comprehensive mutation database (CentoMD®) that is pillar to offering high quality diagnostic reporting and medical interpretation, thoroughly interpret each patient's sequence data.

Contact person: Doreen Niemann
Phone: +49 381 203652 181
Website link:

The CRIBI Biotechnology Centre offers a fast and friendly research sequencing service based on Ion Proton™ technology. Several analyses can be performed including exome, RNA, and miRNA sequencing. Our Genomics group is actively working on many projects using samples ranging from bacterial, plants, and human. We have expertise in bioinformatics and will be able to supply a full range of analyses and tools that may help you in the interpretation of your results.

CRIBI Sequencing Core
Phone: +39 0498276160

Eurofins MWG Operon was founded in 1990 and is part of the Eurofins Scientific Group, a Life Science Company with laboratories in 37 countries and over 15,000 employees. Eurofins MWG Operon is an international provider of genomic services around the core business lines of next generation sequencing, custom DNA sequencing, DNA/RNA oligonucleotides, genotyping and gene synthesis. With special skills in sample preparation, library generation and data analysis, Eurofins MWG Operon is a versatile partner for applied solutions in the agroscience, food, forensic, pharma discovery and biotechnological research markets.

Eurofins MWG Operon
Phone: +49 8092 8989 77

We are a Swiss biotechnology company, providing worldwide Next-Generation and Sanger DNA sequencing services for private and academic laboratories, since 2003. Fasteris has one of the longest experience in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). We developed a broad range of NGS applications such as re-sequencing and de novo assembly of whole genomes, transcriptomes, small RNAs, metagenomes, exomes, ChIP-SEQ. Our bioinformatics team helps researchers finding the relevant biological information for their projects.

FASTERIS SA – DNA Sequencing Services
Phone: +41 22 794 22 23

Genetracer Biotech is a fully licensed Genetic SME that performs molecular research assays (NGS and SNPchip). Genetracer Biotech provides complete and cost-effective solutions for Integral Biology.

Genetracer Biotech
Phone: +34 942266318

Genoinseq, the Next-Gen Sequencing Unit, is Biocant’s unit specialized in the field of omics. The unit grants access to the full potential of state-of-the-art next generation sequencing equipment, high-throughput genotyping and bioinformatics data analysis for your research. We have a multidisciplinary team of experts in sequencing, genotyping, and bioinformatics, delivering personalized solutions, from consultancy in experimental design to large-scale data analysis with user-friendly outputs. Genoinseq provides services to companies and research groups in the field of Life Sciences, collaborates in R&D projects with other companies or institutes and has its own R&D program aimed towards innovation in scientific and technical aspects of sequencing and data analysis.

Genoinseq – Next-Generation Sequencing Unit
Contact: Conceição Egas
Phone: +351 231419040

GENOMAX - the Strasbourg medical campus Next-Generation Sequencing platform - provides human exome, genome and RNA research sequencing services based on SOLiD®, Ion Torrent™ PGM™ and Ion Proton™ NGS sequencers coupled with a proprietary, highly efficient, bioinformatics pipeline.

Contact: Raphaël Carapito (
Phone: +33368853994

The genomic core of Institut Cochin (genomIC) provide academic and private research teams with long experience in state-of-the-art genomic capabilities. GenomIC is an ISO 9001 facility that delivers high quality data in the areas of real time PCR and microarray analysis (genotyping and expression analysis using Genechip Affymetrix® GeneChip® technology). GenomIC offers a variety of next generation sequencing research applications including whole exome sequencing, targeted resequencing (using amplified or captured targets), transcriptome sequencing using Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ sequencers.

Institut Cochin
Contact: Franck Letourneur
Phone: +33 (0) 140516565

The Uppsala Genome Center (UGC) is a part of The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI), a sequencing service facility with the ambition to establish technologies for Massive Parallel Sequencing (MPS) and provide MPS as a service. UGC offers sequencing service with different applications and different technologies. We operate with the Applied BioSystems SOLiD® 5500 system, Ion PGM™ sequencer and Ion Proton™ semiconductor for MPS. As a complement to the short read MPS platforms we can offer service on RSII from Pacific Biosciences. UGC also offers Sanger Sequencing as a service.

The National Genomics Infrastructure, Uppsala Genome Center
Contact: Inger Jonasson
Phone: +46-70-1679082

NIMGenetics is a fully licensed analytical centre with a trusted clinical research genetics unit. Our scientific-medical team, accredited by the Spanish Association of Human Genetics, is specialized in the development and application of high-resolution genomic systems that enable reliable and precise clinical research. Our missions are: (1) To ease clinical researchers´ access to the latest scientific advances in genomic tools, such as Next Generation Sequencing, for the improvement of future health care. (2) To offer researchers, in addition to an extensive range of genomic tools, a customized service that starts with the design and selection of the most appropriate genomic approaches and ends with a complete analysis.

Phone: +34 918047760


Asia-Pacific Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Certified Service Providers

DNA Link, Inc., based in South Korea, is a leading company in genomics and molecular clinical research, and SNP based forensics research. As a genomics-based biotechnology company, DNA Link, Inc. provides a total genomic solution from experiment design and sequencing to bioinformatics analysis. DNA Link values the quality of service the most, and we believe that "customers' success is our success."

DNA Link, Inc
Contact: Kevin Koo
Phone: +82 2 3153 1506

University-based open-access sequencing facility that has experience in a wide array of sequencing technologies (Sanger, FLX, SOLiD®, Ion PGM™, Ion Proton™). We work closely with users to perform sequencing according to project requirements and provide research analysis in Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome sequencing (Ion TargetSeq™ and Ion AmpliSeq™), transcriptome, small RNA and ChIP sequencing.

Lotterywest State Biomedical Facility: University of Western Australia
Contact: Richard Allcock
Phone: +61 9 9224 3879

Our goal is to become a "Leader in the Global Biotech Industry" with new development capabilities in medical research based on race specific gene and medical research.

Contact: Yong Hwan Kang
Phone: +82-2-2113-7113

The MHTP Medical Genomics Facility - ACRF Centre for Cancer Genomic Medicine is located at the Monash Health Translation Precinct, a partnership between Monash Health, MIMR-PHI Institute of Medical Research and Monash University. The Facility provides a comprehensive range of genomic capabilities and maintains an excellent reputation for the provision of the highest quality data and comprehensive customer support.

Contact person: Vivien Vasic
Phone: +61 3 9902 4790

Mission Biotech, based in Taiwan, is a service provider for the research pipeline of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics analysis.

Mission Biotech
Contact: Vivian Chao
Phone: +886 2 2655 7128

TheragenEtex Bio Institute was established on September 2009 aiming for improvement of human health and welfare in the future through research using human genome sequencing and analysis. TheragenEtex is establishing and expanding genome database, providing genome bioinformatics solution and conducting Biomarker detection and to support researcher's genome based product developments.

TheragenEtex Bio Institute
Phone: 82-31-888-9446

Yourgene Bioscience provides sequencing and bioinformatics solutions for research at major institutions, universities and hospitals in Taiwan and Asia Pacific regions. With an integrated team of experienced molecular biologists and bioinformaticians, Yourgene is highly motivated to provide quality sequencing data and analysis for all our valuable clients.

Yourgene Bioscience
Phone: +886 226758068


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.