Sequencing software to automate variant analysis and driver mutation identification for clinical research.

Access Ion Reporter™ Software

Simplify your bioinformatics path to research results
Ion Reporter™ sequencing software automates variant detection—from the launch of your sequencing run to custom analysis.

1 Import

Select a workflow and add Ion Reporter™ Software to any sequencing template in Torrent Suite™ Software to kick off your analysis

2 Analyze

Identify variants across 1, 2, or 3 samples and explore your annotated variants for SNPs, indels, and CNVs

3 Filter

Filter for functional and biological relevance using Ingenuity® Variant Analysis™ workflows

4 Export

Export variants to spreadsheet, VCF, or text format

5 Report

Select relevant variants and create interpretive reports, or identify TaqMan® validation assays for variants of interest

Variant detection is easy using preconfigured workflows

Ion Reporter™ sequencing software enables sequence reads from the Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ Systems to be automatically uploaded from Torrent Suite™ Software for analysis. Initiating an analysis is as simple as selecting your samples and then choosing one of the preconfigured workflows. Ion Reporter™ DNA sequencing software is equipped with a series of workflows that automate your data analysis needs but are also flexible when required. Every parameter in the workflow can be tuned to suit your particular analysis and then locked for repeated use with new datasets in a production environment.


Complete end-to-end solution to identify variants

Ion Torrent™ systems provide an end-to-end solution that simplifies all of your sequencing and analysis needs for disease research.  Ion AmpliSeq™ targeted gene panels enable researchers to focus their sequencing on a region, and to then analyze selected and potentially clinically relevant genes to uncover rare variants occurring at low allelic frequency, and verify germline and somatic variants.

In the past, researchers transitioning from studying individual genes and mutations to sequencing gene panels were seriously challenged when trying to identify all the mutations present in the sample. Ion AmpliSeq™ technology delivers simple and fast library construction for affordable targeted sequencing of specific human genes or genomic regions. When coupled with the Ion Reporter™ sequencing software workflow, Ion Ampliseq™ technology enables researchers to move from sample to sequencing to variant detection in a single day.


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