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Torrent Suite™ Software and Torrent Storage™ Devices

The simplicity of using Ion Torrent™ sequencing instruments is enhanced by the easy-to-use pre-installed Torrent Suite™ Software that runs on the Torrent Server. This data analysis software suite provides you the tools that take you from primary to tertiary analysis, including optimized signal processing, base calling, sequence alignment, and variant analysis. Also included in Torrent Suite™ Software is Torrent Browser: a web-based interface for planning, monitoring, and viewing results from a sequencing run.

1 Plan

Coordinating reagents within simple workflows

The Plan step uses the concept called Templates that are essential for planning your sequencing runs. Several pre-designed templates for AmpliSeq™, TargetSeq™, RNA-Seq, and generic sequencing are available.

2 Monitor

Monitor sequencing in real time

Monitor view shows the sequencing runs that are in progress and uses graphics to indicate sequencing status at each step. This allows the operator the ability to identify and stop underperforming runs early, saving reagents and time.

3 Data
Run Sequence for RNA Sequencing

View run statistics and data analysis

Run quality data and analyzed results can be reviewed in the Data view. Use auto-run plug-ins to generate detailed answers and extract product sequence from this report.

4 Export

Product data packaged for auto export

Group and package your product sequence and automatically send it for additional analysis or for long-term storage using the Export function.

With Torrent Suite™ Software, you can review the quality and accuracy of your sequencing run, in addition to performing further analyses such as “variant calling” using different Torrent Browser Plugins. Torrent Suite™ Software contains the Torrent Variant Caller, which has been optimized for detecting SNPs and indels from Ion sequencing data.

Torrent Storage™ Devices

Next-generation sequencing of complex samples generates terabytes of data, often outgrowing original storage systems.

The Ion Torrent Storage™ 20T and 40T devices, developed in collaboration with Dell, connect directly to the Torrent Suite™ Server for quick storage and retrieval of sequencing data and results.


Torrent Storage™ devices: easy-to-use, rapid storage
solutions for your sequencing data.
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