Rapid, genome-scale benchtop sequencer

The Ion Proton™ System removes the high cost and complexity of today's genome-scale sequencing, bringing it to your lab, on your budget, and on your schedule.

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Ion Proton™ System Workflow

See the Ion Proton™ workflow for exome, transcriptome, and genome sequencing.


Ion Torrent™ Technology marries simple chemistry to proprietary semiconductor technology putting simple, fast, cost-effective, and scaleable sequencing in reach.

The Ion Proton™ System delivers the highest number of reads among NGS benchtop sequencers making it ideal for high-quality exome and transcriptome sequencing.

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Joe Boland discusses the use of Ion Proton™ System for the sequencing of exomes and transcriptomes.
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Vincent Funari uses the Ion Proton™ Sequencer and RNA-Seq to study gene regulation in human diseases such as diabetes and neuromuscular disease. Watch now >

Ion Proton™ Sequencer workflow

1 Construct library

Ion Torrent™ library kits deliver simple, high-performance library solutions for exome, transcriptome, and genome sequencing that are optimized for use with Ion semiconductor sequencing systems.

2 Prepare template

The Ion Chef™ System*will provide high-throughput automated template preparation and chip loading for users of all expertise. Lower-throughput users can choose the Ion OneTouch™ 2 System, available now, for fully automated template preparation.

3 Run sequence

The Proton™ System is ideal for sequencing transcriptomes and exomes. The sequencing run time is only 4 hours, enabling the entire workflow from library to primary data analysis results in under 24 hours. Torrent Suite™ Software offers simple run setup using predesigned workflows and run monitoring in real-time.

4 Analyze data

Data from sequencing runs streams automatically to the Proton™ Torrent Server that contains Torrent Suite Software. Torrent Suite™ Software processes the raw voltage semiconductor sequencing data into DNA base calls.