Simple, reproducible template
preparation and chip loading

The Ion Chef™ System simplifies the workflow for Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems, providing a fully automated, high-throughput solution for reproducible template preparation and chip loading.

Simplified workflow

  • Simplifies and automates template preparation and chip loading in a single system
  • Delivers easy setup and operation with intuitive touch screen interface

Reduced variability

  • Enables reproducible chip loading for users of any experience level
  • Provides sample and reagent tracking with onboard tracking system

Helps save time and labor

  • Delivers walk-away automation with typically just 15 minute setup time
  • Helps increase your lab’s productivity with ability to set up overnight runs

Ion Chef™ System Workflow

1 Preparation

  • Load library samples
  • Load reagents & consumables
  • Set run parameters
2 Automated template preparation and chip loading
Ion Chef System
  • Library amplification
  • ISP recovery & enrichment
  • Chip loading

3 Sequencing

Ion PGM, Ion Proton

Run sequence on either:
  • Ion PGM™ System
  • Ion Proton® System

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