Fast and Simple Sample Preparation

The Ion OneTouch™ 2 System simplifies the workflows for the Ion Proton™ and Ion PGM™ Systems by providing an automated solution for scalable and reproducible template preparation.

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  • Enables automated template preparation workflows into a single system
  • Provides scalable template preparation for all Ion semiconductor sequencing chips
  • Enables parallel processing of multiple samples per day through modular design
  • Supports multiplexed samples
  • Fits easily on any benchtop with its small instrument footprint
  • Will support up to 400 bases on the Ion PGM™ System and up to 200 bases on the Ion Proton™ System*

Ion OneTouch™ 2 Workflow

1 Set up instrument

Load amplification plate
Install reagent and collection tubes
Add library to reaction filter

2 Amplify

Set it and forget it

3 Set up ES for enrichment

Prepare 8-well strip
Recover enriched sample

4 Load

Load sample onto chip and initiate
Ion Proton™ Sequencer run

*The content herein may relate to products that have not been officially released and is subject to change without notice. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.