RNA Sequencing

A detailed understanding of the RNA content (coding and noncoding) in a given cell or cell sample is invaluable for understanding differential expression in normal and disease processes. RNA sequencing approaches avoid the weaknesses associated with using Microarrays for RNA profiling. It gives a more quantitative view of the RNA population within a cell (by providing higher sensitivity and a broader dynamic range) and a hypothesis-neutral approach. Interrogate a cell's whole transcriptome, small RNA content, or gene expression profile, on the sequencing platform of your choice.

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Strand specific, hypothesis-free whole transcriptome analysis enables identification and quantification of both known and novel transcripts with a theoretically unlimited dynamic range.

Small RNA Analysis and miRNA Sequencing of all known and novel small RNA transcripts in a strand specific, hypothesis-free fashion.

Determine relative changes in gene expression levels without sequencing the entire transcriptome.

Targeted RNA sequencing is a rapid and cost effective alternative to whole transcriptome analysis that allows quantification of messenger RNA levels for a selected set of transcripts.

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