Since the discovery of micro RNA in the early 1990’s the field of RNA transcription and interference has grown tremendously. The term ‘small RNA’ has now come to include many types of RNA, such microRNA (miRNA), short interfering RNA (siRNA), piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), among others.

The 5500xl genetic analyzer and the Ion Personal Genome Machine provide sequencing-based small RNA analysis of all known and novel small RNA transcripts in a strand specific, hypothesis-free fashion. Both platforms offer a range of integrated, optimized reagents and workflows from sample preparation to data analysis. Features include.

  • Flexible sample input.  Analyse small RNA’s from a variety of sample types, including quality compromised samples, such as RNA from FFPE tissue, starting with as little as 5ng
  • Increased dynamic range. Your ability to quantitate transcripts increases with sequencing depth, providing a much higher dynamic range than a microarray
  • Precise identification. Easily differentiate between closely related transcript species
  • Preserved strand orientation. Map exactly which strand a small RNA derives from
  • Novel RNA’s.  Detect of unmapped small RNA’s and isoforms

Choose the platform that best suits your needs:

Small RNA & miRNA Sequencing by SOLiD Next-Generation Sequencing

  • Increased Read Number: Generate greater than 700 million mapped sequence reads per flowchip for RNA expression analysis
  • Multiplex: Sequence up to 96 RNA libraries simultaneously, reducing the cost of analysis per sample.
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Small RNA & miRNA Sequencing Sample Prep for Next Generation Sequencing

Small non-coding RNAs are typically only ~18–40 nucleotides in length, however they have been shown to play critical roles in cellular processes such as developmental timing, cell fate, tumor progression, and neurogenesis.

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Small RNA Sequencing by Ion Torrent™ Next-Genereation Sequencing

  • Speed: a single day workflow with a sequencing run under 1 hour.
  • Analysis: data analysis tools are intuitive and optimized for RNA expression analysis.
  • Cost Effective: the equipment cost is less than most microarray scanners. The price of sequencing a single sample per chip is comparable to that of microarrays.
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