For more than a decade, we have provided you with key resources to address challenges in stem cell research. Now we’ve harnessed the power of these innovations to offer a total system covering the entire research spectrum. With our complete portfolio of stem cell products and services, you can benefit from the continuity, efficiency, and precision that drives discovery. With Gibco® stem cell culture products, a broad Invitrogen™ portfolio of stem cell differentiation and engineering products, and a wide array of stem cell analysis tools that include Molecular Probes® labeling and detection reagents, we have the products to support you at every step of your research.

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Most popular stem cell products & resources

Quantitative characterization of PSCs

Analyze trilineage differentiation potential with the TaqMan® hPSC Scorecard™ Assay

PSC Immunocytochemistry and live staining kits

The only kits offering superior imaging for PSCs in one box

PSC Cardiac Differentiation Kit

Simple and efficient differentiation and characterization of PSCs to cardiomyocytes

Featured stem cell categories

Culture and expand induced pluripotent, embryonic, mesenchymal, neural, and hematopoietic stem cells in serum-free, feeder-free, or xeno-free cell culture systems.

Differentiate to your lineage of choice with our kits, growth factors, and supplements, optimized for neural, mesenchymal cells and more.

Transition your stem cell research to clinical applications with GIBCO® CTS™ stem cell media, reagents, and growth factors.

An educational space for cell model researchers

Reprogramming and gene editing tools for manipulating cells

Analyze stem cells and their derivatives using a wide range of cellular and molecular methods.

From human sample to iPS cell line to screening, choose the steps we can do for you.

More stem cell support than any other source