After reprogramming somatic cells into PSCs, the next step for scientists studying many neurodegenerative diseases is to differentiate iPSCs into NSCs.

With CellModel™ Services, NSCs are accessible to your research team in as little as 6 weeks.  You can choose to provide your own PSCs or have us reprogram human cells into PSCs.

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To enable neural differentiation, our CellModel Services™ team uses a neural induction medium that allows rapid and efficient (>80%) neural induction, resulting in high-quality NSCs with robust expression of the expected genes (e.g. Sox1, Sox2, NES).

Process and Timeline

Stem cell differentiation projects are typically completed within 3 to 6 weeks, but actual timelines will vary depending on the unique aspects of each project and choice of additional characterization services.

As with all CellModel Services™ projects, you will be supported by a project manager from start to finish, with proactive communication throughout your project.

Optional Services

Choose from a number of additional services to customize your stem cell differentiation project; or continue your project with downstream applications such as differentiation to terminal lineages, assay development and screening.

  • Cell banking
  • Taqman® Gene Expression Analysis

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