Our Synthetic Biology Services cover the complete workflow from strain characterization to host engineering, including pathway optimization, synthetic circuit design, and next-generation cloning techniques. This offering combines Life Technologies leading Ion Torrent and SOLiD® next-generation sequencing platforms with bioinformatics support ranging from next-generation sequencing analysis to metabolic model development analysis. Traditional bioinformatics solutions, such as the Vector NTI® software suite, advanced cloning and assembly technologies, and genome editing tools and host systems are also available. Our scientific specialists from each area will work together to create a tailored project plan to match your needs.

Choose Life Technologies as your partner to:

  • Characterize your host strain by sequencing the host genome and/or transcriptome, taking metabolic measurements, and analyzing downstream data.
  • Develop a metabolic model combining gene expression profiles and metabolome analysis for your host of interest, to rationally design your pathway engineering strategy.
  • Design optimized pathways through the use of synthetic biology engineering approaches.
  • Construct your pathways or vectors using the fastest and most suitable cloning technology.
  • Engineer your host using Life Technologies DNA delivery and genome engineering expertise.

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