The Synthetic Biology Services team has implemented Life Technologies advanced sequencing platforms and bioinformatics tools for sequencing and  de novo assembly or resequencing of target  prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts. We perform de novo annotation as well as comparative analysis to closely related strains and genomes. Transcriptome sequencing data can be generated to validate gene annotation, identification, and/or gene expression profiling when samples are produced using different growth conditions. We can also perform TaqMan® qPCR to support gene expression studies in an organism with a well-described genome or transcriptome. Life Technologies expertise in cDNA library construction services facilitates the generation of individual cDNA clones for functional studies.

Quantitative transcriptome sequencing for analyzing and optimizing metabolism pathways in synechoccocus elongatus

Life Technologies Synthetic Biology Services Can:

  • Perform de novo genome sequencing of previously uncharacterized organisms (with mate-pair technology for longer contigs).
  • Resequence and compare known or closely related organisms to published genomes for fast identification of conserved and novel strain differences.
  • Annotate genes through (whole) transcriptome sequencing and analyze gene expression profiles under different growth conditions.
  • Complete TaqMan® q(RT) PCR services to study gene copy number, and gene and mi/ncRNA expression profiles.
  • Generate cloned cDNA libraries with optional full-length enrichment, normalization, and clone array for functional screening or hard copy clone isolation.