Life Technologies host characterization platforms, in silico modeling and design capabilities, and expertise in a wide variety of bioproduction strains enable rapid improvements and metabolic engineering of your bioproduction host of choice. Using genomic engineering tools, our cloning specialists will combine and optimize gene constructs and their delivery to integrate new pathways or to target and improve existing pathways. For example, we can partner with you to engineer strains that have better tolerance to toxic compounds or increased yields of bio-based compounds such as biofuels, oils, and proteins. We can also help you create strains for the production of novel biological compounds.

Partner with Life Technologies to Gain Access to:

  • Cloning, expression technologies, hosts, and software that combine to create a synthetic biology workflow solution for rational strain engineering and optimization.
  • Efficient delivery of genes or constructs and editing tools for genome engineering.
  • Whole-cell optimization using targeted jump-in and TAL effector technology, and untargeted proprietary revolutionary technology for accelerated host evolution.
  • Tool and method development for your organism of choice.

Established Technologies Used in This Service: