In this synthetic biology webinars module, our scientists will cover everything from gene to protein. Each webinar provides background information, data analysis, and helpful tips for the featured products.

Recorded Gene-to-Protein webinars


Directed evolution methods for protein engineering

The production of mutant protein libraries using traditional methods is far from perfect; as a result, the majority of the time and resources in subsequent rounds of screening can be spent pursuing large numbers of irrelevant variants lacking mutations at critical sites available for testing. In this webinar Dr. Michael Liss, manager of the GeneArt® Directed Evolution service and an expert in rational protein design, illustrates how GeneArt® Directed Evolution technology enables researchers to evolve proteins rationally, minimizing the effort needed to screen the library and maximizing the number of useful variants obtained.

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Combine expression-optimized genes with an advanced expression system to improve your results

Gene optimization affects multiple levels of gene expression and results in increased overall expression reliability and protein yields. This complete solution—from gene to protein—offers enhanced protein expression with different options, depending on your level of experience and lab resources. This includes the option to outsource your gene expression (receiving your protein within 30 business days) or adopting the technologies in your own laboratory.

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Introduction to simplified vector design and integrated gene synthesis ordering through new Vector NTI® Express Designer Software

Vector NTI® Express Designer Software leads the way in engineering the next generation of in silico cloning and assembly. The newly developed interface is a virtual project canvas for both simplified drag-and-drop vector construction and simplified submission and ordering of gene synthesis projects. In this webinar, you will learn step by step how this powerful, easy-to-use bioinformatics software can help you do bio-design, faster customer vector construction, sequence optimization, and gene synthesis.

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