Innovating for the future

You are busy answering tomorrow’s questions. So we are always looking ahead and creating new solutions that help move science forward.

Genetic analysis and sequencing

Targeted sequencing

Available for any genome.

Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ Sequencing Kit

One kit, all applications.

Ion 16S™ Metagenomics Solution

Culture-free analysis of polymicrobial samples.

Ion AmpliSeq™Transcriptome Solution

Get fast and easy gene-level expression analysis starting with as little as 10 ng RNA


Determine biogeographic ancestry information in less than 24 hours with a ready-to-use panel†


Access ultra-high multiplex PCR exome enrichment in a 96-well plate


Choose flexibility, versatility, and speed for qPCR, or absolute quantification with digital PCR


Isolate genomic DNA (gDNA) from a variety of samples with a single, scalable kit


Quantify up to four targets in one sample using our new TaqMan® QSY quencher


Discriminate individual genotypes across 124 autosomal markers with a ready-to-use panel†

Cell biology and bioproduction


Use this combination of antibodies, stains, and buffers to create high-quality images


Simplify cardiac differentiation and generate beating cardiomyocytes

MembranePro™ Expression Systems

Get a >20-fold increase in membrane protein yield


Preserve your cells while retaining superior viability and post thaw performance

FluoroBrite™ DMEM

Try our latest high-capacity, high-resolution, salt-tolerant, strong anion exchange resin

FluoroBrite™ DMEM

Control temperature, humidity, and gases for time-lapse
imaging of live cells

FluoroBrite™ DMEM

A DMEM-based medium for fluorescence microscopy with background comparable to PBS

Cell engineering


Monitor the efficiency of your genome editing experiments before cloning and sequencing


A convenient option for preparing agarose gels


Optimize simply and accurately, with this easy-to-use thermal cycler 

Protein biology


Detect your target proteins-new antibodies launching every month