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Applied Biosystems® Promotions

Trade In, Trade Up

Trade in any real–time PCR Instrument for a new system, and make the most of your investmentwith exceptional trade-up deals, all backed by our world-class service and support.

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Save big on Gibco® products

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Save 40% when you buy PCR master mixes and plastics together

Use promotion code RCS006.

Purchase competent cells at list price and receive 50% off bacterial media

Use promotion code RCLMCB.

25% off GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments

Use promotion code P165204 (US) or P165205 (Canada).

Products Turn around time
Strings™ DNA Fragments 100–600 bp 5-7 business days (bd)
Strings™ DNA Fragments 601–750 bp 5-7 business days (bd)
Strings™ DNA Fragments 751–999 bp 5-7 business days (bd)

20% off GeneArt® gene synthesis— just 28¢ (USD) per base pair

Use promotion code P821212 (US) or P821230 (Canada) must be presented at the time of order.

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Get a Bolt® Mini Gel Tank or Transfer Module for only $1

Buy 5 boxes of select Bolt® mini gels in any combination at list price from the list below, and receive either a Bolt® Mini Gel Tank OR Bolt® Blot Transfer Module for only $1 more.

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