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Our custom conjugation service is efficient and confidential, and we guarantee the quality of our work.

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The Largest Selection of Labels Available

We can conjugate your antibody or protein to many labels.

  • Alexa Fluor® dyes
  • Qdot® nanocrystals
  • Cascade Blue® and Cascade Yellow™ dyes
  • Traditional fluorophores such as FITC, TRITC, and Texas Red® dye
  • Biotin
  • R-PE, APC, and Alexa Fluor® dye tandems
  • HRP, alkaline phosphatase, and other enzymes

If you don’t see the label you are interested in, just ask! In most cases we can accommodate your request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I send my antibody?
A. We will assign a quote number to all requests. Instructions on where to send your antibody and which quote number to reference are included in our quotes.

Q. What is the minimum amount of antibody I can send to have labeled?  
A. For best results, we recommend starting with at least 1mg of material, but can often accommodate smaller conjugations, depending on the protein. Just ask.

Q. Can you order the antibody from my vendor for me?
A. Yes, but we charge a handling fee to cover our costs and the risks associated with working directly with a vendor of your choice.

Q. Can you purify my antibody for me before labeling?  
A. In many cases we can, for an extra fee. Include the requirement when making a quote request, and we can include the additional service in our quote.

Q. What is the lead time?  
A. In most cases, we can ship product within 10 business days of receiving your antibody and order. Some projects will require additional time.

Let us put our experience performing both small-scale and large-scale conjugations and purifications to work for you—for research or commercial needs.

For more information, call us at 800 955 6288 x45682 (in North America), or email