The peptides you want, when you need them.

Custom peptides are used as antigens, enzymatic substrates, and a multitude of other applications. Invitrogen provides rapid delivery of high-quality resin-cleaved peptides.

Customizable solutions paired with superior Invitrogen quality

We provide truly customizable options, including modification, labeling, and special amino acids. Our peptide chemists utilize a number of synthesis and purification strategies to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Take advantage of our expertise in peptide synthesis for all your custom peptide needs. Each peptide is visually inspected and undergoes mass spectral quality control before shipment. In addition, purified peptides are shipped with HPLC analysis data.

Customizable options include:
  • Purity
  • Peptide scale
  • Peptide length
  • Labels and modifications including our premium Alexa Fluor® dyes
  • Customizable packaging

Custom Peptide Frequently Asked Questions

Can Invitrogen prepare peptides not described on the ordering form?
Our peptide chemists will evaluate any request to identify the best solution for our customers. By utilizing the whole of Invitrogen’s broad range of products and expertise, Invitrogen can provide a solution to most customer requests.

Can Invitrogen supply my difficult-to-make peptide?
Due to their sequences, some peptides are hard to make, or routinely provide low yields. Invitrogen’s peptide chemists can alter the synthesis conditions to increase the likelihood of success in these cases. Please provide any known information regarding difficult peptides. If Invitrogen’s peptide chemists believe there may be an issue during synthesis, it will be noted on your quotation. Occasionally, synthesis issues cannot be resolved. In the case of a failed attempt, the customer will not be billed. Invitrogen will only invoice for a successful attempt resulting in material that meets the customer’s specifications.

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