The PichiaPink™ Yeast Expression System contains both low- and high-copy plasmid backbones, 8 secretion signal sequences, and 4 yeast strains—all to help you optimize for the highest yield possible from your recombinant protein.

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Small-scale expression studies


  • Growth of up to 10 recombinant Pichia pastoris strains
  • Time-point samples of supernatant and paste harvested every 24 hours during induction phase for each strain (up to 96 hours)
  • Analysis of the supernatant and pellet fraction by SDS-PAGE and western blot

Expression scale-up
From 1 L to 100 L

Protein purification services
Affinity, ion exchange, HIC, SEC, and other purification methods employed.


How long does a Pichia expression project typically take?
Complete Pichia Expression Services, from subcloning to expression, require approximately 10–12 weeks for completion.

What are the typical Pichia protein yields when compared to bacterial expression?
Pichia typically expresses 10−100x more protein than a bacterial culture at the same scale.

What if my gene does not express well?
We have 4 Pichia strains and 8 leader sequences for optimizing expression.

Services Offered

Invitrogen's Pichia Expression Services can be tailored to suit your needs. Our experienced scientists offer you the following services:

  • Subcloning of your gene of interest into a Pichia expression vector designed for intracellular or secreted expression
  • Transformation into Pichia pastoris and selection of transformants
  • Screening of positive transformants by PCR to verify integration of the gene of interest
  • Verification of expression of the gene of interest by SDS-PAGE and Western analysis (if antibody is available)
  • Optimization of expression and fermentation
  • Scale-up expression and fermentation

Invitrogen's complete Pichia Expression Services, from subcloning to expression, require approximately 10-12 weeks for completion. The time may vary depending on the complexity of the project. For more information, Contact an Invitrogen Custom Services Representative.
Service Cat no.
Transformation and Recombinant SelectionM0500
Transformation and Multi-copy SelectionM0501
Growth and Induction/Screening for Clonal VariationM0510
Pichia Fermentation (Optimization ) 4 x 5 LM0600
Pichia Fermentation 1-5 LM0522
Pichia Fermentation 50-100 LM0535
Analysis of Expressed ProteinM3990
Ultra- and Diafiltration ServicesM5430, M5425


Pricing is based on the complexity of each project and the services rendered. To obtain a quote for your specific project, Contact an Invitrogen Custom Services Representative for more information.

Important Licensing Information

Pichia pastoris is owned and licensed by Research Corporation Technologies. The use or sale of expressed proteins as a commercial product, or use to facilitate or advance research or development of a commercial product, will require the purchase of a commercial license from Research Corporation Technologies. Contact an Invitrogen Custom Services Representative.

NOTE: You do not need a license for a Pichia expression project to be carried out by Invitrogen's Custom Services Team for the purpose of determining the feasibility of this system for a specific product.

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For further information, please contact Invitrogen Custom Services