The SelectScreen® Cell-based Nuclear Receptor Profiling Service utilizes Invitrogen's growing library of GeneBLAzer®  target-specific nuclear receptor cell lines and our robust GeneBLAzer®  beta-lactamase (bla) Reporter Technology. The service offers a flexible approach to screening, enabling rapid profiling of your compounds against a panel of nuclear receptor cell lines by single point or 10-point EC50/IC50 determinations in both against (% activation) and antagonist (% inhibition) mode. The service provides customers with a wide range of combinations for screening, from a small subset of compounds against mutliple cell lines to many compounds on one cell line, such as a library screen.

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This service offers all of the following:

  • High-quality data
  • 2 - 3 week turnaround time, depending on scope of project through use of division arrested cells
  • Flexibility in screening parameters (compound starting concentration, choice of NR cell lines for profiling)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Open business model— no minimum commitment or licensing fees
  • All cell lines used in the profiling service are available for sale as products

Protocol and Assay Conditions
A stringent validation process ensures the highest quality data possible. Strict quality control protocols ensure that any assay results not meeting set specifications will automatically be repeated. A control agonist/antagonist titration (EC50/IC50) and calibration controls are performed on every plate.

SelectScreen® Cell-based Nuclear Receptor Profiling Panel

Invitrogen’s GeneBLAzer® technology is a cellular reporter system based on the enzyme beta-lactamase and a specialized nontoxic, cell-permeable FRET-paired fluorescent substrate that facilitates imaging and flow cytometry of living cells as well as function-based development of recombinant cell lines. This approach allows for ratiometric data analysis, which minimizes the absolute and relative errors that can otherwise mask the underlying biological response of interest. The GeneBLAzer® technology portfolio includes an expanding selection of tools such as the GeneBLAzer® target-specific nuclear receptor cell lines that are used in the SelectScreen® Cell-based Nuclear Receptor Profiling Service. All GeneBLAzer® Cell Lines in the portfolio were researched and developed by Invitrogen; therefore we ensure the consistency, reliability, and performance of each cell line. All cell lines are division arrested to avoid variability associated with cell division.

Cell Line Development and Service Validation

  • Cell lines are all developed and manufactured at the Invitrogen Discovery Sciences Madison site
  • Rank order potency is confirmed against literature values
  • DNA sequences of the nuclear receptor cell lines have been verified
  • QC completed by agonist dose response curve with an EC50 ± ½ log of average mean value and Z' >/= 0.5; antagonist dose response curve with an IC50 ± ½ log of average mean value and Z' >/= 0.4
  • Cells are mycoplasma tested and viability tested

Listed below are the GeneBLAzer® nuclear receptor cell lines currently available for profiling.

Assay Cell Line Agonist Antagonist
AR UAS-bla GripTite™ 293 R1881 Cyproterone Acetate
ER-alpha UAS-bla GripTite™ 293 17-beta-Estradiol 4-hydroxytamoxifen
ER-beta UAS-bla GripTite™ 293 17-beta-Estradiol RU-486
ERR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T None XCT790
FXR UAS-bla HEK 293T Chenodeoxycholic Acid None
GR UAS-bla HEK 293T Dexamethasone RU-486
LXR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T TO901317 None
LXR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T TO901317 None
MR UAS-bla HEK 293T Aldosterone Spironolactone
PPAR-delta UAS-bla HEK 293T L-165041 MK-886
PPAR-gamma UAS-bla HEK 293H Rosiglitazone T0070907
PR UAS-bla HEK 293T R5020 RU-486
RAR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T ATRA Ro-41-5253
RAR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T ATRA AGN193109
RAR-gamma UAS-bla HEK 293T ATRA AGN193109
RXR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T 9-cis retinoic acid None
RXR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T 9-cis retinoic acid None
TR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T T3 Sodium Salt Thyroid Hormone receptor antagonist 1-850
TR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T T3 Free Acid None
VDR UAS-bla HEK 293T Calcitriol None

Additionally, Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha (PPAR alpha) may be profiled through our Custom Services.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.