Fixed-price bioinformatics training, software, and IT services

Our fixed-price services have a pre-defined scope of work and a set price. They can be purchased individually and are not part of a bioinformatics service package.They include training, software upgrades, and IT service options to meet your growing bioinformatics needs.

Ion Torrent™ Training Courses

On-site NGS data analysis courses, courses at our Life Technologies training sites, virtual live training, and web-based on-demand training. View a detailed calendar including dates, times, and costs. Learn more ›

On-site software upgrades for Torrent Suite™ Software

Field Service Engineers perform Torrent Suite™ software upgrades on site, including installation and verification that software upgrades are running properly.

Custom High-Performance Cluster Installation Services and Upgrades

Our IT specialists will design, test, and integrate high-performance clusters (HPC) customized specifically to your system. This service includes installation, setup, network configuration, and testing of the entire hardware and software system. Our HPC service includes up to 4 Torrent Suite™ software upgrades per year, installed on up to 4 nodes. These upgrades include running a test analysis to verify that the software upgrades are performing to the manufacturer’s specifications. Custom HPC installation services and upgrades can be done virtually or on site, depending on your specific needs and requirements.