Looking for Software, Patches & Updates? Go to Instrument Management (you will need to log in if not already logged in to LifeTech.com) and find the link on the left side of the Instrument Management dashboard.

Manage your Instruments & Services needs in one place

  • Complete instrument service history and field service reports
  • Online service and service contract quotes
  • Warranty and service contract status  
  • Instrument software, patches, and updates
  • All instrument details in one location
Instrument management

Go to Instrument Management. You will be directed to a login screen first if not already logged in to LifeTechnologies.com.

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Complete instrument service history and field service reports

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Service History example

From the first day your instrument was installed, all of your instrument service history is available. Easily view service order number, visit type, date information, and a brief description of the service call. If you need a copy of the field service report, simply click on the request link to get a copy of the report.

Online service or service contract quotes for your convenience

When requesting service from your instrument page—all of your instrument information and contact details are auto—populated, so you only need to provide a brief description of your needs and click “Submit.”

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Service Agreement Status

Warranty or service contract status with alerts

All of your warranty and service contract information, including when the contracts start and end, are available online. This feature also provides you with alerts when your warranties or contracts are expiring so your coverage does not lapse.

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Preview of Software, Patches & Updates

Instrument software, patches, and updates

Readily find instrument software, patches, and updates for real-time PCR, PCR, DNA sequencing, cell biology, cell imaging, capillary electrophoresis, DNA/RNA purification, flow cytometry, and laser capture microdissection systems.

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Instrument List Summary

Summarized list of all instrument details in one place

Keep track of all your instrument details digitally in one place. You can track model and serial numbers, instrument nicknames, computer details, and other internal tracking numbers used to manage your instrument use and care information.

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