Having immediate access to the products you need is key to maintaining the momentum of your research. Our team of specialists works with you to plan and implement a Supply Center that fits your institution and the scientists who use it, improving your efficiency today and in the future.

Contact the Supply Center Team to get started

We work with you to determine a location for your Supply Center that allows optimal access to your researchers.

Our experts will work with you to review your current product usage and research to propose a product stocking plan to meet those needs.

We provide the necessary storage units for your selected location and inventory. Offering cabinets, 4°C refrigerators and -20°C & -80°C freezers.

We facilitate the delivery of your storage units and work with you to establish an inventory management procedure that fits your needs. This can include our Supply Center Management System for web-based ordering and inventory management.

Your Life Technologies representative works with you to schedule routine reviews of your Supply Center, making any necessary modifications to ensure the continued success of your Supply Center. In addition, you can contact the dedicated Supply Center Customer Service Team to answer any questions you may have.

Supply Center
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