Nuclease Grade Source Cleavage Specificity MW
RNase A Affinity pure
Bovine 3' of ss C's and U's 13.77.0-7.5NoneInactivated by 0.1% SDS (1)
RNase I MB*
E. coli
3' of ss NTPs of RNA 27.2  NoneResponsible for 98% of the EDTA-resistant RNase activity in E. coliextracts (2)
RNase T1 MB*
A. oryzae
3' of ss G's 11.17.5NoneSpecificity for G is 106X greater than A (3)
RNase V1 RNA
Cobra venom dsRNA 15.97.5Na+
(100 mM)
(0.3 mM)
Cleaves ssRNA at 10% the rate of dsRNA (1)
RNase H MB*
E. coli
RNA of RNA:DNA hybrids to give 5'-P oligonucleotides17.67.5-9.1Mg2+
(2–4 mM)
EDTA abolishes activity, but enzyme can still bind RNA:DNA hybrids; Not inhibited by vanadate (3)
DNase I RNase-free
(see also
Bovine dsDNA to yield 5'-P dinucleotides and 5'-P oligonucleotides 29.1 7.0-8.0Mg2+
(2–5 mM)
(0.1–1 mM)
Cleaves ssDNA 500X more slowly than dsDNA (3,4)
*MB = Molecular Biology Grade


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