Zenon Antibody Labeling Kits—Table 7.14

Label Abs/Em * Mouse IgG1 Labeling Kit Mouse IgG2a Labeling Kit Mouse IgG2b Labeling Kit Rabbit IgG Labeling Kit Goat IgG Labeling Kit Human IgG Labeling Kit
Alexa Fluor Dyes
Alexa Fluor 350346/442Z25000Z25100Z25200Z25300 Z25400
Alexa Fluor 405402/421Z25013Z25113Z25213Z25313  
Alexa Fluor 430434/539Z25001  Z25301  
Alexa Fluor 488495/519Z25002
Z25090 †
Alexa Fluor 532531/554Z25003  Z25303  
Alexa Fluor 546556/573Z25004Z25104Z25204Z25304  
Alexa Fluor 555555/565Z25005Z25105Z25205Z25305Z25605Z25405
Alexa Fluor 568578/603Z25006Z25106Z25206Z25306Z25606 
Alexa Fluor 594590/617Z25007Z25107Z25207Z25307Z25607Z25407
Alexa Fluor 647650/668Z25008Z25108Z25208Z25308Z25608Z25408
Alexa Fluor 660663/690Z25009     
Alexa Fluor 680679/702Z25010Z25110Z25210Z25310  
Alexa Fluor 700702/723Z25011     
Alexa Fluor 750749/775   Z25312  
Classic Dyes
Pacific Orange400/551Z25256Z25257    
Pacific Blue410/455Z25041Z25156 Z25341  
Fluorescein494/518Z25042  Z25342  
Texas Red-X595/615Z25045     
Biotin-XXNAZ25052Z25152Z25252Z25352 Z25452
Phycobiliproteins and Alexa Fluor Dye–Phycobiliprotein Tandem Conjugates
R-Phycoerythrin (R-PE)496, 546, 565/578 ‡Z25055Z25155Z25255Z25355 Z25455
Alexa Fluor 610–R-PE496, 546, 565/628 ‡Z25020     
Alexa Fluor 647–R-PE496, 546, 565/668 ‡Z25021Z25121Z25221   
Alexa Fluor 680–R-PE496, 546, 565/702 ‡Z25022     
Allophycocyanin (APC)650/660Z25051Z25151Z25251Z25351 Z25451
Alexa Fluor 700–APC650/723Z25030     
Alexa Fluor 750–APC650/775Z25031     
Horseradish peroxidaseNAZ25054Z25154Z25254Z25354 Z25454
Alkaline phosphataseNA   Z25350  
Tricolor Labeling Kits
Kit #1: Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 555, Alexa Fluor 647 dyessee aboveZ25060Z25160Z25260Z25360 Z25460
Kit #2: Alexa Fluor 350, Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 594 dyessee aboveZ25070Z25170Z25270Z25370 Z25470
Kit #3: Alexa Fluor 488, R-PE, Alexa Fluor 647–R-PE dyessee aboveZ25080Z25180Z25280Z25380  
* Approximate absorption and emission maxima, in nm. † This Zenon Antibody Labeling Kit is enhanced with TSA technology. ‡ Multiple absorption peaks. NA = Not applicable.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.